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"My passion lies in empowering businesses and helping them unleash their full potential. I am particularly dedicated to fostering courage and curiosity within organizations, as I firmly believe this is key to cultivating an innovative and future-oriented corporate culture." Dr.ssa Jenny Rode.

The Heart of jeropeer: Authentic Collaboration

Each jeropeer group brings together a handpicked selection of up to 8 executives. These groups are designed to facilitate open and absolutely confidential exchanges of experiences.

Here, you get unfiltered answers to your most pressing business questions. You benefit from the experience and knowledge of other non-competing entrepreneurs, receiving fresh ideas and insights for your toughest challenges. Learn from real-life examples, directly from people who have faced similar problems and know exactly what they're talking about.

Six times a year, the Jeropeer group meets for an exclusive work session. In a confidential setting, upcoming decisions and current challenges are discussed intensively. The members of the Jeropeer group act as sparring partners, examining operational and strategic challenges and collaboratively refining solutions. Consulting, coaching, and expert knowledge are combined.

  • Work with an exclusive Jeropeer group of executives, focusing not in, but on your business.
  • Receive personal online coaching.
  • Work on your individual goals and concerns in a confidential environment.
  • Benefit from practical and immediately actionable insights and new perspectives for more effective business and life management.
  • Get inspired and spark discussions within the group, your company, or your personal environment.
  • Receive just-in-time feedback on specific questions.

Note: The international jeropeer group meets exclusively online, ensuring that you can connect with global leaders from the comfort of your own space.

Passion for  Businesses and Innovation

jerocon - Jenny Rode Consulting supports companies worldwide in enhancing their performance and achieving success. I provide customized solutions for your specific challenges, helping you elevate your business to the next level.

Dr.ssa Jenny Rode, born and raised in Kassel, has a unique academic background. She studied Law at Humboldt University of Berlin and Italian Studies at Georg-August University in Göttingen. She completed her Master's in Corporate Communication at the University of Siena, focusing her thesis on "Communication in Crisis Management."

Since 2009, she has been active as a freelancer and played a significant role as Program Director for Languages in the adult education landscape. She represented adult education interests at both federal and state levels, speaking at national conferences on new learning environments and being invited multiple times to the IATEFL Conference in England. Her educational journey led her to earn a degree in Educational Management from the Management School of the University of Kassel in 2015 and to complete training as a systemic consultant at the Odenwald Institute in 2020. She has also been actively volunteering for many years at the International Women's Club Kassel e.V.

Publications (Selection):

  • "Atlas der Mehrsprachigkeit", E. Gessner, J. Giambalvo Rode, H.P. Kuhley (Eds.), Leipzig University Press, 2019.
  • "English Practice Material A2/B1", telc gGmbH, Frankfurt a.M., 2015.
  • "Das Spagat zwischen traditionellen Sprachenlehren und digitalen Welten", MitSPRACHE, Cornelsen Verlag, Berlin, 2012.
  • "Programm-Management Sprachen", dvv, Bonn, 2011.
  • "telc Leitfaden für Kursleitungen", telc gGmbH, Frankfurt a.M., 2011.

Jenny Rode is dedicated not only locally but also globally as a business consultant. Her mission is to help companies worldwide develop cultures of courage and curiosity, enabling them to successfully navigate the constant changes in the business world. Her diverse education and global perspective make her a valuable resource for companies aiming for sustainable growth and innovation.

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